Golomb PetroAlliance Group Ltd stands at the forefront of Brazil’s oil and petroleum sector, driving innovation and sustainability in energy production. With a robust presence across the nation, our comprehensive operations encompass exploration, production, refining, and distribution of high-quality petroleum products. We are committed to delivering energy solutions that power progress and fuel growth, both locally and globally.

Our approach is grounded in technological excellence and environmental responsibility. By leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we ensure efficient resource management and minimal environmental impact. Our state-of-the-art refineries and extensive logistics network enable us to meet diverse energy needs, maintaining a seamless supply chain from extraction to delivery.


Golomb PetroAlliance Group Ltd is a leading force in Brazil’s oil and petroleum sector, known for its innovative approach and dedication to excellence. With a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing Brazil’s energy landscape, Golomb PetroAlliance leverages cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to explore, produce, and deliver high-quality petroleum products.


Exploration and Production

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovative methodologies, we conduct thorough geological surveys and seismic studies to identify promising hydrocarbon reserves. 

Refining and Processing

Our refineries are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables us to process crude oil into a wide range of high-quality petroleum products. From gasoline and diesel to

Distribution and Logistics

Ensuring the reliable delivery of petroleum products is a cornerstone of our operations. We maintain a robust logistics network that includes pipelines, storage facilities